Barnstormers were stunt pilots in the early days of aviation who performed aerial tricks. They flew into town and headquartered in a farmer's field (hence the name). From this base of operations they would perform air shows. Specialist pilots showcased skills such as spins, dives, loop-the-loops, and barrel rolls, while aerialists performed feats such as wing-walking, stunt parachuting, midair plane transfers, or even playing tennis, target shooting, or dancing on a plane's wings. Barnstormers also offered services such as mail delivery, crop dusting, and even private plane rides.



Barnstorm VFX embodies the diverse skills, freewheeling spirit, and daredevil attitude of these early pilots. Like the historical barnstormer, we specialize in sending unique talent right to your doorstep. A dedicated in-house vfx supervisor who is intimately familiar with the workings of your show can greatly improve the quality of your effects, while also cutting costs. We are artists first and foremost, and our goal is to remove the technical hurdles and overhead costs from your visual effects process so that you can focus on bringing your vision to the screen.



Mobile workstations, off-site render farms, and cloud storage solutions reduce overhead and mean that a VFX Artist can work from anywhere in the world with the power of a AAA effects house at his fingertips. That means there's nothing in-between you and the artist, and between the artist and the shot; you get less confusion and more creativity, a lower budget, and a higher quality of work. Best of all, you aren't paying for additional overhead on machines and manpower that aren't directly contributing to the quality of your show.



Most of the time, a small group of artists is all you need, but if you've got a big effects sequence and a short turnaround, we can put together an all-star team to make it happen. A large group of Barnstormers sometimes gathered together to showcase their wide variety of talents in a Flying Circus. Likewise, our broad industry connections to various effects houses and specialists allow us to put together a veritable flying circus of talent for larger television shows and feature films based on your specific needs.