Welcome to Barnstorm VFX.

Whereas a Cinematographer or Production Designer are part of the crew and are regularly available to directly discuss ideas from the very beginning of the creative process, the Effects House is an outside entity. A visual effects supervisor might show up on set on the day of the shoot if you're lucky, but what happens before and after that is often an inscrutable process – you take what you're given, make some notes, and hope for the best. You interact through the producer in charge of your account at the effects house, rarely if ever directly communicating with the Artist(s) who are responsible for the shot. Do they know the feel and style of your show? Did they work on the last sequence you sent them, or was that someone else?

Working freelance directly in-house in the post department of several television shows (notably, Ugly Betty, Body of Proof, and In Plain Sight) we've found that being directly involved in the production pipeline from start to finish greatly improves both the communication and the execution of the effects process. Does the writer have a question about a sequence she's putting together? We can discuss it. Director wants to do something fancy in post but isn't sure about how much it will cost? We'll propose creative solutions in a pre-production meeting. Is the editor having trouble with the timing or performance of a scene? Maybe we've got some tricks up our sleeve to help out. Did a previously unseen boom shadow crop up on the big screen during the mix that's driving the showrunner crazy? We're a phone call away.

Our success as freelancers was a double-edged sword – we loved working intimately with the shows we were a part of, but as demand for our services expanded, we risked losing that personal touch. We didn't want to become an 'effects house' ourselves and end up throwing away everything that made us special - Barnstorm VFX was created to be a solution to this problem – we've combined the benefits of having a small, fast in-house VFX team with the benefits of man and machine-power of an outside facility to deliver personalized solutions based on what you need for your show. We think this makes our work better, and you get more bang for your buck too because you're only paying for the resources you need... not sinking money into a big company to cover their overhead.

So we aren't so much a 'house' as we are a collective of artists with the shared passion for creativity and for helping filmmakers bring their visions to the screen. We're committed to de-mystifying the effects process from start to finish, collaborating throughout the filmmaking process with everyone from the Producer and Director to Production Designer and Cinematographer to the Editor and Colorist to create a finished product that is in line with the style and creative vibe of the shows we partner with.

We'd love to work with you and find out what we can do to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you need an Effects Supervisor, a small in-house VFX team, or a full-blown Effects House to get the job done, we've got a solution for you.

Let's get in touch.