A unique cross-section of skills makes Barnstorm VFX especially suited to executing complex and unusual productions, including aerials, miniature shoots, inserts, and stunt work.

Along with his role as Key VFX Supervisor, Barnstorm VFX principal Lawson Deming (DGA, IATSE Local 600) has directed and DPed 2nd Unit production work as well as commercials and title sequences, including the Strange Angel title sequence and the explosive opening of The Good Fight. Sequences were executive produced by principal Cory Jamieson, with production and post by Barnstorm VFX.


Barnstorm[STUDIOS] was started in 2016 as a development and production arm of Barnstorm VFX, with the goal of leveraging our roster of talented artists to create visually ambitious projects for film and television.


Barnstorm[STUDIOS] projects:

SPIDERMECH [Animation R&D]